Janet Protasiewicz

Janet Protasiewicz is featured on the following episode(s).

The Wisconsin Supreme Court

In the first half of the show, Mark is joined by Judge Janet Protasiewicz, candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, to discuss what sets her apart from her opponent and the enthusiasm she is seeing on the campaign trail.

In the second half, Judge Fredrick J. Strampe joins the show to talk about his bid to retain his seat on the Waukesha County Circuit Court.

Best of UpNorthNews Radio with Pat Kreitlow (Week of 3/13/23)

This week on UpNorthNews Radio, we only had live shows on Thursday and Friday, but they were big shows! Hear from former State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski and Judge Janet Protasiewicz about the importance of the upcoming election for State Supreme Court. Afterwards, Pat talks with Mark Jacob, a former editor of the Chicago Sun Times and other publications, about the current state of journalism. To round out the hour, UW Eau Claire Athletics Director Dan Schumacher shares his thoughts about March Madness.

Judge Janet and the WI Medical Society President (Hour 2)

Just 19 days until Wisconsin’s huge state Supreme Court election and we’ll be joined by candidate and Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewic along with former state treasurer Sarah Godlewski for a discussion on the importance of having a plan to vote on April 4. 

And in this week’s Hometown Health segment, Dr. Kristin Lyerly is joined by the president of the Wisconsin Medical Society, Dr. Wendy Molaska, to discuss the increased challenges of attracting and retaining quality physicians when politicians put themselves between patients and their doctors.

Best of UpNorthNews Radio with Pat Kreitlow (Week of 02/27/23)

This week on UpNorthNews Radio, Judge Janet Protasiewicz took some time to share her values. Pat also spoke with a caller about what we can do to combat Fox News as they spread misinformation without alienating our Republican friends and neighbors or making them feel stupid. On Thursday's edition of Hometown Health, Dr. Kristin Lyerly welcomes Suzanne Herman of Period Law, an organization fighting what is known as a period tax, where menstrual products are taxed in several states. To round out the hour, Melissa Kaye of WFHR joins us to talk about music history. Enjoy!