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Violence has no place in the political process

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Our Mission

To champion the practice of democracy through the power of honest and informative local voices.

Our Vision

A media platform that informs and inspires sustained civic engagement.

Our Core Values


We embrace the crucial role media plays in the practice of democracy, and believe that our democratic institutions are best served when our citizens receive the highest quality information possible. Our platform welcomes everyone who stands for a government of, by, and for the people — those who cherish the sanctity of every individual vote in this ever–evolving experiment that is our democracy.


We champion quality, fact-based journalism that advances the truth and earns the trust of our audience without manipulation or malicious reframing. We amplify the voices of those who are honest with their audience, the type of media personalities with the courage to speak truthfully and who publicly acknowledge when they discover they are wrong in order to correct the record. We go further by fulfilling what we see as the media’s responsibility to call out and reject mis- and disinformation whenever we encounter it.


We relish in promoting local businesses, artists, innovators, inventors, crafters and creators of all kinds, large and small, because we recognize how their success is integrally tied to the growth and development of all our neighborhoods. We connect the economic engines of our local communities with local patrons via the airwaves—and we are also quite often their clients.


We believe our audience deserves a clear and transparent look into the inner workings of their government, the public institutions established to serve them, and the media organizations who inform them. We are committed to programming that sheds light on local issues, providing a forum for the type of public scrutiny that keeps corruption in check and helps maintain the trust the community places in us.


We celebrate local communities as the glue that binds us together as a state and as a nation, and the crucial role hometown radio plays in strengthening that bond. We strive to bring our listeners together with quality local news, local sports, handpicked music, thoughtful commentary, and good old-fashioned humor because we believe that’s the best way to find common ground on the kitchen table issues that affect us all.


In the end, we believe in people: well-intentioned, hardworking folks who want what’s best for their families and their communities. We believe that while we can disagree on issues of political importance, we are all relevant stakeholders in our society and must agree on the principles of democracy in order to coexist and thrive together.

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