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The magic behind Wisconsin’s delicious cheese curds

Jun 19, 24, 8:54 PM

June Dairy Month continues, so let’s celebrate all the curds and more in this “Slice of Wisconsin;” plus, take our cheesy quiz! It’s time to celebrate one of Wisconsin’s most beloved treats: cheese curds! And as June Dairy Month continues, it’s time to reveal the magic behind the deliciousness — in this new “Slice of […]


WIAA Board of Control votes down proposal to add shot clocks to high school basketball

Jun 19, 24, 1:30 PM

Wisconsin is one of 23 states that doesn’t use a shot clock in high school basketball, which will continue for the near future.


State Health Officials Anticipate Safe Fair Season Amid “Bird Flu” Concerns

Jun 18, 24, 5:24 PM

MADISON, Wis. (Civic Media) – The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) wants fair-goers to be safety-conscious when interacting with animals this summer. Animals carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans, but DHS says simple precautions can keep Wisconsinites safe at fairs and petting zoos. The DHS recommends washing your hands with soap and […]


Heatwave in Wisconsin: Four Safety Tips to Beat the Scorching Temperatures

Jun 18, 24, 5:16 PM

Temperatures continue to rise and it’s crucial to remember, heatwaves are the leading cause of weather-related deaths. A doctor weighs in with tips to keep you and your family safe on these sweltering days. The temperatures are creating scorching conditions across Wisconsin. And an ongoing heatwave is expected throughout the summer. Here are four simple […]


Groups debunk claims of ‘skyrocketing’ numbers of non-citizen voters

Jun 18, 24, 9:37 AM

Republicans claim that a skyrocketing number of new voters are registering without a photo ID in key swing states, but election officials say that’s not happening.

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