Melissa Kaye

Melissa Kaye is featured on the following episode(s).

Reality vs. Rhetoric on Supporting Veterans (Hour 2)

For all the flag waving and tough talk that accompanies some political commercials, you’d think certain politicians would have a better record of support for our military and the men and women who wore the uniform. But there’s a gulf far too often between the rhetoric and the reality. Also, we’ll update some big changes coming next week as Civic Media grows the radio network and its lineup of shows.

Hour 3: The Ruff Ranch

Michelle talks about what the Ruff Ranch is all about and the upcoming Pet Palooza, then James and Melissa talk about Arnie's praise for Bruce Willis, Celine Dion's illness, Clint Black's back surgery, the most embarrassing dad ever, senior pranks, and That Ain't Right and Good Stories of the Day.

Hour 2: The Dangers of Racing Cheese...

Mel and Jimmy get into what are the best karaoke songs, Misty's Menu Birthday and Anniversary Club, celebrity birthdays, the woman who won a race even though she was unconscious, some old wives tales and science, Jewel's National Anthem at the Indy 500, and the alligator in the garden.

Hour 1: Afterlife Pay?

James and Melissa kick off the week with a review of their long weekends, the National Day-Of calendar, the New Zealand pizzeria that is accepting payment through your will, the Great Bear/Bakery Caper, and how to get your kids to do chores the Mayan way!