Terry Bell

Terry Bell is featured on the following episode(s).

Motherhood: Where’s the Instruction Manual? (Hour 2)

As part of May Mental Health Awareness Month, we’ll talk to the co-founder and executive director of the Moms Mental Health Initiative—which is dedicated to helping women who face issues during pregnancy and the postpartum period. We’ll tackle the stigma associated with having depression or doubts in early parenthood, and discuss how to improve access to resources. 

League of Women Voters (Hour 2)

Much like UpNorthNews and Civic Media, the League of Women Voters is also dedicated to helping voters feel empowered rather than overwhelmed — by sharing fact-based information about government and encouraging more participation in civic events. Executive Director Debra Cronmiller talks about what her members do in these spaces between elections.

Plus, Civic Media News Director Terry Bell has 3 Things to Know to start the week.

Mr. Smith Explains Shared Revenue (Hour 2)

It shouldn’t be this hard for the Wisconsin Legislature to share tax revenue with local governments so that important services can take place. Unfortunately, a power-hungry Republican majority has been strangling local budgets and interfering with local decision-making. Democratic state Sen. Jeff Smith, who was previously a town chairman, offers perspective on what’s gone wrong and the best way to make it right. Also: Terry Bell with ‘3 Things to Know’ to start the week.