Kristin Lyerly

Dr. Kristin Lyerly is an Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist and former candidate for the 88th District of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Kristin Lyerly is featured on the following episode(s).

Step One: Do Something (Hour 2)

In our Hometown Health segment with Dr. Kristin Lyerly, we’ll meet Dr. Christopher Ford, an emergency medicine doc who is part of the lawsuit challenging the state’s 1849 criminal abortion ban. Dr. Ford also chaired the People’s Maps Commission in the effort to end gerrymandering in our state. And he’s among the more than 300 physicians who are publicly endorsing Judge Janet Protasiewicz in next week’s Supreme Court election. We’ll also meet Renee Paplham, an educator-turned-activist in the Fox Valley.

Your Two Cents on a $7 Billion Surplus (Hour 2)

Once next week’s election is behind us, Wisconsin legislators will get back to work on drawing up a two-year state budget that determines the level of support for all kinds of services that affect daily life in our state. Rep. Jodi Emerson will help us outline the ways you can provide your ideas, especially on how to handle that multi-billion dollar surplus Republicans have been sitting on for more than a year.

Judge Janet and the WI Medical Society President (Hour 2)

Just 19 days until Wisconsin’s huge state Supreme Court election and we’ll be joined by candidate and Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewic along with former state treasurer Sarah Godlewski for a discussion on the importance of having a plan to vote on April 4. 

And in this week’s Hometown Health segment, Dr. Kristin Lyerly is joined by the president of the Wisconsin Medical Society, Dr. Wendy Molaska, to discuss the increased challenges of attracting and retaining quality physicians when politicians put themselves between patients and their doctors.