Jodi Emerson

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Weekly Best of UpNorthNews Radio with Pat Kreitlow for Apr 15

We had a very busy week on UpNorthNews Radio, so here's a slice of the best conversations.

First, Representative Jodi Emerson joins Pat to talk about the GOP's refusal to take gun violence seriously. Then, on Hometown Health, Dr. Kristin Lyerly invites Dr. Tracy Guiou to talk about how we can address the increasing childhood mental health crisis. To round out the hour, Melissa Kaye of WFHR returns for another exploration of music and history.

The Lives a Red Flag Law Might Have Saved (Hour 2)

The shooting deaths of two police officers in Barron County last week likely came as no surprise to those who knew the suspect, who also died in the incident. We’ll review warning signs from past run-ins that included threats to murder law enforcement officers—and ask again when an entire political class will start putting the lives of cops and kids ahead of politics.

Your Two Cents on a $7 Billion Surplus (Hour 2)

Once next week’s election is behind us, Wisconsin legislators will get back to work on drawing up a two-year state budget that determines the level of support for all kinds of services that affect daily life in our state. Rep. Jodi Emerson will help us outline the ways you can provide your ideas, especially on how to handle that multi-billion dollar surplus Republicans have been sitting on for more than a year.

TikTok, Meta, and Human Trafficking (Hour 2)

While lots of attention is being given to TikTok as an app that might have questionable security safeguards, the truth is that we use plenty of programs that have the potential to cause harm—including some programs based in this country. We’ll talk to state Rep. Jodi Emerson about the way social media platforms can be used by human traffickers, and why some believe the companies running these apps aren’t doing enough to stop it.

The Right Way and Wrong Way to Work a Poll. (Oct 5 - Hour 3)

Marquette Poll director Charles Franklin outlines the right and wrong ways to interpret the work that’s done to measure public support on issues and candidates. Also: Rep. Jodi Emerson of Eau Claire expresses the frustrated felt by many women as legislative Republicans refuse to even debate allowing voters to have a say on keeping or repealing an abortion ban written in 1849.