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The Empowered Caregiver

Host: Kristin Voss and Liza Hellenbrand

Health & Fitness | Mental Health

On the Empowered Caregiver Show we uplift caregivers through education and support, while also lifting up their invaluable role in society.

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Living with grief

Liza and Kristin speak with Edy Nathan, a grief therapist, author, and speaker about the many ways grief can wreak havok on one's life - and the ways grief can lend valuable insight for personal growth. We also speak with Megan Ramstack of American's with Parkinson's Disease of Wisconsin Chapter about some exciting events and missions coming this year.

Angel's Advocates

Kristin and Liza talk advocating for legislative change around caregiving today - Barbara Beckert of Disability Rights Wisconsin and State Senator Dianne Hesselbein discuss the challenges - and rewards - involved with legislative advocacy.

Desks and Minds

Kristin and Liza talk with Melissa Ratcliff, a representative from the 46th District, about how our reps are doing the hard work of making sure caregivers are seen and heard. They also speak with Julie Coraccio, and award winning professional organizer, author, speaker and certified life coach from Wheeling, West Virginia to learn recognizing and clearing clutter in their lives - both physical and emotional.

The party at work

Today Liza and Kristin talk to Evan Goyke, Representative for the 18th assembly district, Oshkosh's current mayor and a Representative from the 54th district Lori Palmeri, and lastly speak with Michelle Dickinson - a caregiver, mental health advocate, TED speaker, and published author of 'Breaking Into My LIfe', a memoir.

Arts for Everyone

Arts for All talks with Kristin and LIza about how they're supports those with disabilities, memory, veterans and more in artistic expression. Also, Tim Markle from The forgiveness Factor helps us learn more about the power of forgiveness.

Lets talk about 'IT

Let's have some fun -

Let's talk about sex! Well... at least how you can strengthen your marriage and intimacy while being a family caregiver! Join us as we speak with Monica Lynne Marriage & Family Therapist Associate, MA, LMHCA from Snoqualmie, WA

Compassion - Apply Liberally

Kristin and Liza discuss how sometimes the most difficult person to care for is yourself. After all, you can't care for anybody if you can't care for yourself.

Using the tools at hand

Kristin and Liza are joined by Molly Cooney and Tami Jackson of the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities to discuss caregiving from a more administrative angle. Maneuvering through bureaucratic red tape and legislative jargon is headache inducing, but it's critical to understanding - and providing - care in the state you live.

Proactive care in the world today

Kristin and Liza are joined by Jessica Cannon, author of 'The Proactive Caregiver'. We discuss the transition into caregiving roles, coming to terms with a different way of life, and being proactive in the name of providing the best possible care - both for you and those being cared for.

All in the Family

On a special episode of The Empowered Caregiver, Liza is joined by her husband Mike Crute and her son Cayden to discuss Cayden's autism diagnosis, the challenges associated with learning so much so fast, and the ever growing list of reasons they feel so blessed.