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Host: Kristin Voss and Liza Hellenbrand

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On the Empowered Caregiver Show we uplift caregivers through education and support, while also lifting up their invaluable role in society.

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The Empowered Caregiver Show

In our last episode of November, we continue honoring the amazing people providing care for clients and loved ones alike. We speak with:

Nancy Alar

Liz Alar

Julie Heibel

Neil Miller

Patrick Kuelz

Reid and Leah Kuelz, and Genevieve Poppe -

about the caregivers in their lives, and the tremendous work they do. Thanks for listening to The Empowered Caregiver!

We're taking next week to spend thanksgiving with friends, family and loved ones. We will return on December 1st for another hour of The Empowered Caregiver show.

Caregiver Appreciation Month Awards!

This hour, Kristin and Liza bring on several caregivers who have been nominated to be recognized for their incredible dedication and love for their families. The family and friends of these caregivers have written letters to demonstrate the impact they make on everyone around them, and we hear the award winners' reactions live.

Congratulations to Karl Pierick, Sharon Katovich, and Fay Losso! They are an inspiration to us all, and they have each won a caregiver gift box from Allison at The Negative Space. You can check out her website here:


It's almost Caregiver Appreciation Month!

This hour, Kristin and Liza give us a rundown on Caregiver Appreciation Month, and talk about experiences that made them slow and down and appreciate themselves. Thanks for listening to The Empowered Caregiver!

Champions of Caregiving

In this jam packed hour with The Empowered Caregiver Show, Kristin and Liza hear from the people behind some of our most innovative care programs.

We speak with Larry Jackson, the founder of the Ben Jackson foundation. Younger enlisted personnel know a thing or two about paying for flights and other travel expenses - and the difficulties they experience. Larry aims to make sure that new military members are able to take a trip home to see family and loved ones - especially after beginning such a long journey.

Adam Weisse talks about Project Home. This program aims to improve the quality and affordability of housing for low-to-moderate income residents in Dane and Green County, WI.

Kristin and Liza also talk with Lani Rethaber about Patriot K9's of Wisconsin - A program aiming to, at no cost to qualified Veterans, educate and train Psychiatric Service Dog Teams who will assist in veterans attaining a fulfilling and meaningful life in the community of their choice. It is their goal to help veterans win the war against suicide, depression and anxiety by empowering them with the use of a service dog,

Empowered Caregivers come together

Thanks for listening to The Empowered Caregiver Show!

Kristin and Liza are joined by Linda Fodrini-Johnson - an aging expert, family therapist and author of 'The Empowered Caregiver; Practical Advice and Emotional Support for Adult Children of Aging Parents'. She was president of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (now called Aging Life Care Association). Linda also founded Eldercare Services, a full service care agency in the San Francisco Bay Area that provides care management, home caregiving services, advocacy, counseling, support groups and education.

Formerly the director Dementia Respite Center, Linda pioneered the multi-award willing Early Stage of Dementia Program.

Join us!

Love Your Caregiving Life

Charlotte Bayala from Love Your Caregiving Life. Charlotte is a Podcaster, Caregiver Coach, and offers a monthly subscription to caregivers and montly group Zoom meetings to keep her followers connected.

Caregiving While Employed

Listen as we talk about caregiver burnout and what we can do about it.

Care-giving is a job in-of-itself

Thanks for listening to The Empowered Caregiver Community!

Today Kristin and Liza discuss the reality of modern society - that we're living longer, and care giving responsibilities are resting on the shoulders of friends and family members: for all kinds of reasons. From the startling economic consequences of lost wages due to conflicts with work, to lack of understanding between employee and employer - let's talk about it.

Caregiver Interview With Dr. Barry Jacobs

Thanks for listening to The Empowered Caregiver Community! Kristin and Liza are joined by Dr. Barry Jacobs - a clinical psychologist, family therapist and author of "The Emotional Survival Guide for Caregivers—Looking After Yourself and Your Family While Helping an Aging Parent". Visit for more information, content, and resources from Dr. Barry Jacobs.