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Bye Bye Aaron Rodgers (Hour 2)

Packers insider Paul Noonan joined the show to talk about Aaron Rodgers and the looming trade to the New York Jets, and reacted live to comments from Rodgers made on the Pat McAfee show.

Then, Scott Gordon, publisher of Tone Madison, joined the show to talk about the race for mayor in Madison between incumbent Satya Rhodes-Conway and challenger Gloria Reyes, and the issues of transit and housing that have dominated the campaign. 

Kristin is back!

Kristin is back! Podcast Town Academy. What is Cyber Monday? Packers Pundit playback.

(0:48:12) - Podcast Two Academy

  • "The Mayor" Of Podcast Town, a full-service podcast company that helps businesses grow their revenue through podcasting, Elzie Flenard talks about building community through podcasting.

(1:11:00) - What is Cyber Monday?

(1:32:47) - Packers Pundit Playback

  • Writer for the Shepherd Express and Acme Packing company joins as this weeks Packers Pundit, and Kristin has some questions.


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