Lee Snodgrass

The Roadmap to Protecting Democracy (Hour 2)

October 11, 2023

While Republicans are working to make voting less convenient and undermine confidence in elections, Democrats in the Legislature have introduced a new package of bills to protect democracy, promote voting and increase transparency of the big money infecting our politics. Rep. Lee Snodgrass will discuss the ongoing fight against those who promote conspiracy theories about […]

Protecting the Pollinators (Hour 2)

June 6, 2023

State Assembly Rep. Lee Snodgrass is again asking her Republican colleagues to help protect pollinators from pesticides and other threats, so that bees and other pollen collectors can keep doing their part to support tens of millions of dollars in crop production in our state.

Women Winning Wisconsin—Fox Valley. Guests: Rep. Lee Snodgrass, Kristin Alfheim (Oct 5 – Hour 2)

October 5, 2022

Our “meet the candidates” interviews continue; this time with two women running in the Fox Valley: State Senate candidate Kristin Alfheim and State Rep. Lee Snodgrass. Also: Tim Michels expresses support for a plan that would tear apart public services in Wisconsin by dropping the income tax rate for the super-wealthy down to the same […]

Interview: Representative to Wisconsin’s 57th Assembly District Lee Snodgrass

September 14, 2022

Representative Lee Snodgrass is ready for re-election and shares what issues she wants to tackle.

“If you died, would you become a diamond?”

September 14, 2022

Our favorite co-host Greg Bach is back! Getting to know Representative Lee Snodgrass. Ben Brey helps us understand what’s happening in the stock market these days. Tammy Baldwin’s new bills. Wisconsinites are returning to the workforce. Wisconsin residents are un-retiring. Low-stress jobs are on the rise. Representative Lee Snodgrass has finished her first term and […]