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Statement regarding edits to the July 4th interview with President Biden, Click here to read

John Plageman

Really Bad Trivia & Sobriety Night (Hour 3)

June 3, 2024

The hour begins with another round of “The Worst Game Show In History…hosted by Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt. Then in the second half of the hour, John Plageman from the Brown County ADRC is in studio to talk about their Sobriety Night coming up on July 9th with Sober Green Bay. Click HERE for […]

Interview: John Plageman

October 14, 2022

Social Worker and Founder of Section Yellow, John Plageman shares how Section Yellow is an ‘oasis’ for nondrinking Packers fans.

Senate debate, Women Win Wisconsin, and more

October 14, 2022

Senate debate. Wisconsin Medical Society on abortion care. Women Win Wisconsin. Section Yellow. Ben Brey is back. Course correcting misinformation. (1:14) – Senate debate Capitol Bureau Chief at Cap Times, Jessie Opoien talks about the political paradox of Ron Johnson and last night’s debate. (29:15) – Wisconsin Medical Society on abortion care Wisconsin Medical society […]

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