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Senate debate, Women Win Wisconsin, and more

Senate debate, Women Win Wisconsin, and more

October 14, 2022 11:00 AM CDT

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Guests: Ben Brey, Jessie Opoien, John Plageman, Michael Wagner, Sarah Godlewski

Senate debate. Wisconsin Medical Society on abortion care. Women Win Wisconsin. Section Yellow. Ben Brey is back. Course correcting misinformation.

(1:14) - Senate debate

(29:15) - Wisconsin Medical Society on abortion care

(48:00) - Women Win Wisconsin

(1:05:40) - Section Yellow

  • Social Worker and Founder of Section Yellow, John Plageman shares how Section Yellow is an 'oasis' for nondrinking Packers fans.

(1:30:03) - Ben Brey Translates the market

  • Wallstreet vet, Ben Brey translates another painful CPI report.

(1:50:27) - Course correcting misinformation

  • UW Madison Journalism and Mass Communication professor, Michael Wagner talks about misinformation.
  • You can connect with Michael on Twitter and Instagram.

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