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Jane Matenaer

Civic Media Spotlight for May 18th & 19th (Hour 1)

May 18, 2024

Kicking off the hour, Matenaer On Air welcomes Andrew Gurman, former President of the American Medical Association to talk about the letter he and 48 other experts signed on to regarding the impact a second Trump administration would have on health care and health care access. Then on Up North News Radio, Pat calls attention […]

Civic Media Spotlight for May 11th & 12th (Hour 2)

May 11, 2024

Kicking off this hour, Matenaer On Air is joined by Dr. Karin Tamerius, a political psychiatrist, and the founder of Smart Politics which is a nonprofit that teaches progressives how to communicate more productively and persuasively with people who disagree with them, including conservatives. They talk about the work necessary to have those discussions and […]

Civic Media Spotlight for May 11th & 12th (Hour 1)

May 11, 2024

Kicking off the hour, Maino & the Mayor is proud to welcome back Jake VandenPlas from the Door County Farm for Veterans. He not only speaks about some of the programs that they have going on at the farm, but also his story in the military. Besides talking about the programs, he also talks about […]

Civic Media Spotlight for March 23rd (Hour 2)

March 23, 2024

Up first for the second hour of this week’s Spotlight, the Todd Allbaugh Show is joined by Pat Kreitlow and Trygve Olson. The three have a good discussion as news breaks during the House hearing surrounding Wisconsin’s senior Senator, Vos flip-flopping and endorsing former President Trump, and Trump’s primary numbers continue to under-perform signaling trouble […]

It’s N.E.W. and Blue (2nd Hour)

February 29, 2024

Kristin Lyerly’s “Women Win Wisconsin” segment introduces us to the N.E.W. Blue PAC, a group for Northeast Wisconsin women who want to see changes made in election results across the 8th Congressional District. State Rep. Jodi Emerson has an update on how Gov. Tony Evers helped improve a relief plan for the Chippewa Valley as […]

The Making Of Matenaer On Air (Hour 2)

January 25, 2024

For the first half of this hour, we bring you the remarks of President Joe Biden live from Superior, Wisconsin. He speaks on making investments in America, from building infrastructure to reducing prescription drug prices. Civic Media News Director Terry Bell provides some analysis with Todd to wrap up discussion on the Blatnik Bridge. You’ve […]

The Doctors In(Hour 2)

January 8, 2024

Pete is joined by Civic Media’s own Jane Matenaer, who has her own show Matenaer on Air on Mon-Fri 10 AM – 12 PM. Pete and Jane talk about hosting shows and what’s coming to Matenaer on Air. Kristin Lyerly, known from Maino & The Mayor in the mornings, joins the show to talk about […]

Women In Broadcasting (Hour 3)

March 16, 2023

After being in Madison for a host training retreat, Kristin Brey and Jane Matenaer from As Goes Wisconsin are our guests for this hour. After some banter, Todd shares some stories of successful women in broadcasting.

The god ‘ol, ‘ol, ‘ol days (Hour 1)

March 14, 2023

It’s Tuesday, so you get two! Jane Matenaer jumps in the Devil seat to ride shotgun with Dom for hour 1! Civic Media’s own Kristin Brey, host of As Goes Wisconsin, joins Dom for hour 2 to keep the party going President Biden speaks on expanding background checks for firearms – it’ll go over gangbusters, […]

Spring primary election coverage (hour 1)

February 21, 2023

Kristin Brey and Jane Matenaer start of Civic Media’s Spring Primary Election coverage with an overview of the key races on the ballot. Terry Bell interviews Reid Epstein about the importance of the Wisconsin Supreme Court race not only for Wisconsin but also nationally. Dan Shafer joins to discuss the key races. Kristin and Jane […]

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