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Best of UpNorthNews Radio with Pat Kreitlow (Week of 03/03/23)

This week on UpNorthNews Radio, we heard from state representatives Kristina Shelton and Francesca Hong about their Economic Justice Bill of Rights proposal. Afterward, on Hometown Health, Dr. Kristin Lyerly introduced us to Sara Finger of the Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health. Finally, we round out the hour with a visit from Todd Allbaugh of the conveniently named Todd Allbaugh Show.

The Next ‘CRT’: Smearing Thoughtful Investing (Hour 2)

State Assembly Reps. Francesca Hong & Kristina Shelton have been doing some research on the “new” CRT that you’ll be hearing about in the coming months. The people who smeared teaching an honest and full account of American history now want to vilify those who want to invest in companies that are conscientious about not polluting or cheating their workers or doing business with some shady actors.

"Pro-life cupcake day?"

Edessa School of Fashion. Evers' budget. Catching up with Francesca Hong.

21:09 - Edessa School of Fashion

50:24 - Evers' budget

  •  Evers is seeing backlash from both sides after he announces a proposal for the state budget to increase shared revenue to local governments by $91 million, including police, fire, and EMS.

1:30:42 - Catching up with Francesca Hong

  • Mom, Community Organizer, and Representative of Wisconsin’s 76th Assembly District Francesca Hong sums up her first term.

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