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Waukesha County Board Supervisor, Mike Crowley

Don is joined by Waukesha County Board Supervisor and CEO at the National Kidney Foundation of WI, Mike Crowley.

Garren Holley Football Coaches Opportunity Clinic

Don is joined by the head coach of the Carroll University football team, Mike 'Coach Budda' Budziszewski and the team's special team coordinator and D-line coach, Garren Holley. They talk about the inaugural Garren Holley Football Coaches Opportunity Clinic, a clinic focused on football coaching and minority opportunity, as well as the pospects of the Carroll football team.

57th Annual Gala at La Casa de Esparanza

Don is joined by the Vice President of Community Engagement of La Casa de Esparanza, Maria del Pilar Wadina. They talk about the agency's mission and promote their 57th Annual Gala.

High School Sports and Education

Don is joined by Waukesha South athletic director Dan Schreier, as well as 'the Earl' of Civic Media Earl Ingram. They talk about the importance of youth and high school sports, equality and competition, and Black History Month.

The February Primary

Don is joined by Kristin Hansen of Blue Sky Waukesha to inform you about everything you need to know for the next election.

Waukesha Baseball

Don is joined by first year Waukesha South baseball coach, Jon Stillman and Waukesha North baseball coach, Don Radomski to talk about their upcoming preseason.

Conference Realignment

Don is joined by Waukesha South football coach Darnell Wiltz to discuss the movement of the Blackshirt football program to the Parkland Conference. Then, James Santelle joins the show to talk about the legal implications of this and the recent school board resolutions, and Amanda Redina Roddy stops by to invite everyone to the Waukesha Rotatory Club pancake breakfast on February 4th.

Waukesha Janboree!

Don is joined by Joanna Adamicki, Parks & Rec Special Events Coordinator, to talk about Wisconsin's premier winter festival, the Waukesha Janboree.

Sport Injuries with an LAT

Don chats with Licensed Athletic Trainer for Children's Hospital Wisconsin, Caitlin Weber to discuss all things sports injuries in light of Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin collapsing on the field during Monday Night Football.

2022 Year in Review

Don reviews the year for himself, Wauk Radio, and the city of Waukesha. Thank you for a fantastic year of healing and growing, see you in 2023!