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This Week in Waukesha

Host: Don Browne

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Every Saturday morning, former Waukesha Alderman Don Browne hosts an hour long discussion on all things going on in Waukesha! Tune in at 8 AM for local guests and news from the Waukesha community!

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Outskirts Theater Company

September 30, 2023 |

In a rare pre-recorded episode, Don is joined by Ryan Rehak of Outskirts Theater Co. to promote their upcoming Charity .5k. Yes, you read that right, a POINT 5k! The event is open and accessible to all at Bosco’s social club on October 8th. For more, visit Outskirts Theater’s Facebook page.

Seeking Freedom with Casa de Esperanza

September 23, 2023 |

In a world where help seems to be hard to find, Casa de Esperanza is here to provide it to all members of the community. Listen to today’s episode to learn more!

Ghosts and Ghouls in Haunted Waukesha

September 16, 2023 |

Ghost Tour purveyor and James Santell are our guests today on the show to talk about hauntings both literal and legal.

Something in the Water…

September 9, 2023 |

The waters of change are here in Waukesha, or rather, the water in Waukesha is changing. Here with the general manager of the Waukesha Water Treatment plant Dan Duchniak and mayor Sean Riley who have been instrumental in creating the changes.

People Have the Power with Stephanie Bloomingdale, AFL-CIO President

September 2, 2023 |

Happy Labor Day from all of us in Waukesha! To celebrate, AFL-CIO’s First Female President Stephanie Bloomingdale joins us to look back at where labor has come from this year and where we are going next.

A Sporty Saturday

August 26, 2023 |

Coming off a tough loss for the Waukesha Blackshirts, Don has rallied himself and brought in Nike Shoeless and Dan Schreier to discuss all the sports happening around Waukesha.

Catching up with State 97th Assemblyman Scott Allen

August 19, 2023 |

This week in Waukesha we’re catching up with State 97th assemblyman Scott Allen

Nothings Goin’ South at South Football

August 12, 2023 |

Don Browne is joined by Coach Jon Stillman and seniors Logan and Evan to discuss the great season Waukesha South Football is about to crash into!

Waukesha FD

August 5, 2023 |

Assistant Fire Chief Joe Hoffman and Lieutenant Julie Schultz from the Waukesha Fire Department join the show to talk about how they serve and protect the community.

Halftime To Football Season

July 29, 2023 |

Zak Pfeffer, Michael “Buda” Budziszewski, and Josh Raby join Don Browne to discuss the upcoming season of Carroll Pio Football.