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How Can We Really Be Great? pt. 2 (Hour 3)

Earl continues his discussion on the quality of our nation and takes callers to give YOU a chance to weigh in.

How Can We Really Be Great? (Hour 2)

Earl discusses all of the ways the United States is failing its citizens and the hypocrisy of calling ourselves the greatest nation on Earth.

Student Debt Cancellation (Hour 1)

In light of the upcoming Supreme Court hearing, Earl talks about President Biden's proposal to cancel student debt, the problem with education in our country, and why these problems seem to be getting worse.

Feeling Optimistic w/ Dr. Kraig (Hour 3)

Earl and Dr. Robert Kraig talk about the contradictions between views touted by Republicans, how justices legislate from the bench, and upcoming elections.

Us vs Them w/ Maggie Daun (Hour 2)

To start the hour, Earl and Maggie talk about the escalation of America's views towards Chine and potential global consequences.

Then, they talk about unique political issues facing Wisconsin, including the state Supreme Court race and our state's tax structure.

Attached at the Hip Economically (Hour 1)

Earl discusses the the current panic regarding war with China, the economic reasons why it won't happen, and the reasons why American politicians and media are interested in pushing this narrative.

Raising Kids in 2023 (Hour 3)

To start, Earl discusses the unique challenges faced by parents and children in 2023. He talks about 'snowplow parenting,' the importance of hardship in life, and the dangers of the internet to our children.

Then, Earl talks about the deplorable behavior displayed by certain American legislators.

Activism and the District 1 Court of Appeals (Hour 2)

In the first half of the hour, Earl is joined by social justice activist, Christine Groppi. Christine is the daughter of Reverend James Groppi, a legendary civil rights leader in Milwaukee that led many groups and organized several demonstrations during the fight for civil rights in the 1960s and beyond. Christine is a teacher and works for social justice with The People's Revolution Milwaukee.

In the second half of the hour, Earl talks with Sarah Geenen, nominee for the Court of Appeals in District 1. She explains what makes the Court of Appeals different from other courts and why she deserves your vote.

They are Lying to You! (Hour 1)

Earl discusses the lawsuit against Fox News over them knowingly lying about the outcome of the 2020 election. He gets into the reasons people believe these lies, why they won't admit they were mislead, and why these companies lie in the first place.

What's in it for Us? w/ Sandy Williams(Hour 3)

Earl and Sandy talk about what role the United States should be playing on the world stage in relation to the ongoing war in Ukraine and recent dealings in Taiwan.