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Caring for the Least Amongst Us (Hour 2)

After returning from the power outage, Earl talks about Republican efforts to cut welfare benefits and the importance of taking care of all members of our society.

Veterans in America (Hour 1)

Before being cut off by a power outage at the studio, Earl discusses the treatment of our country's veterans and the role that food benefits play in society.

Issues at Home and Abroad w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 3)

Earl and Sandy talk about the issue of guns and violent crime in our urban centers and the country at large.

Then, they talk about U.S. foreign policy and the new alliance between Russia, China, and Iran.

Approaching a Crisis w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 2)

Earl and Sandy talk about the ongoing situation surrounding the United States' banking system stemming from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

The Importance of Leadership

Earl and the Gravedigger start the hour by talking about Aaron Rodgers and the team dynamics that allow the present situation surrounding him.

Then, Dr. George Kunz calls in to talk about the crucial role leadership plays on championship teams and reminisce on the storied life and career of Reggie White.

Rules and Regulations w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 3)

Earl and Sandy talk about why corporations are resistant to regulation and how these regulations benefit everyone in the long run.

Antidisestablishmentarianism w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 2)

Earl and Sandy discusses growing trends of people being being contrarian, U.S. immigration policy, and foreign affairs.

Honor Among Thieves w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 1)

Earl and Sandy talk about the discussion of U.S. military intervention into Mexico and compare violent crime in Mexico to the reality in America.

Undoing Misinformation w/ Dr. Kraig (Hour 3)

Earl and Dr. Kraig talk about how to handle the misinformation epidemic in this country, the massive role of lobbyists in our politics, and other issues with American democracy.

Anathema of Secular Democracy w/ Maggie Daun (Hour 2)

To start the hour, Earl and Maggie talk about Dan Kelly's abhorrent views on women's reproductive health and the crucial Supreme Court election coming up.

Then they talk about the Fox News lies and the political divisions plaguing our nation.