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Tax the Rich! w/ Morris Pearl & Sandy Williams (Hour 3)

Earl and Sandy are joined by the chair of the Patriotic Millionaires and co-author of 'Tax the Rich! How Lies, Loopholes, and Lobbyists Make the Rich Even Richer,' Morris Pearl. They talk about the glaring flaws in our country's tax code and how the wealthy exploit it to benefit themselves with no care for the ordinary person.

A Can Kicked Down the Road (Hour 2)

Earl and Sandy talk about social security, 401ks, and the United States' tax structure.

Everybody's Watching w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 1)

Earl and Sandy start the day talking about the Aaron Rodgers saga before moving into the more serious subjects of the war in Ukraine and U.S. foreign policy.

WWE Style Politics w/ Joel McNally (Hour 3)

Earl and Joel continue their discussion on the state of the Republican party and discuss the rise, fall, and possible return of Donald Trump.

Not a Logical Conclusion w/ Joel McNally (Hour 2)

Joel McNally, acclaimed newspaper columnist, joins Earl to talk about the political environment in the United States and fundamental flaws in the Republican party.

Reality of War w/ Guest Host Sandy Williams (Hour 3)

Sandy is joined in the final hour by friend and Iraq combat veteran, Mark Ard. They react to the public opinion on conflict in Ukraine as well as talk about the realities of why wars are started.

Insurance in America w/ Guest Host Sandy Williams (Hour 2)

Sandy is joined on the line by his good friend Jon Hopkins, tech and healthcare insider, to discuss the health care and insurance structures in the United States.

Deja Vu w/ Guest Host Sandy Williams (Hour 1)

With Earl out of the office for the day, Sandy Williams hosts the show in his stead. In the first hour, Sandy discusses the Aaron Rodger's drama before doing a deep dive on recent government failures.

Perception of Socialism in United States (Hour 3)

Earl discusses the slandering of socialism in America and how our government can best provide for all citizens.