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Freshwater for Life Action Coalition w/ Robert Miranda (Hour 2)

Earl is joined in the studio by Robert Miranda, a spokesperson for the Freshwater for Life Action Coalition, to talk about the dangerous effects of lead pipes and other dangers facing our freshwater.

The Greater Milwaukee Committee w/ Joel Brennan (Hour 1)

In the first hour of the show, Earl is joined by the president of the Greater Milwaukee Committee, Joel Brennan. They talk about how Milwaukee has evolved over the years and changes that need to be made.

Perception is Reality w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 3)

In the final hour of the show, Earl and Sandy talk about the impending financial crisis and how the public's perception of the economy has a direct influence on it.

Pin the Tail On the Donkey w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 2)

Earl and Sandy start the hour by talking about Donald Trump's recent rally in Waco, Texas and what it will take to arrest the former President. Then, they discuss money in politics and how it is at the root of our issues in this country.

Draft Prospects

Earl and Gilbert start the hour speculating on who the Packers should take in the first round of the upcoming NFL draft before getting into a discussion of what it takes to rebuild a team.

Aftermath w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 3)

Earl and Sandy close the show by discussing the Baby Boomer generation and the last impacting they continue to have into their 60s and beyond.

The Root of All Evil w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 2)

Earl and Sandy start the hour by continuing their discussion on banking and the economy. Then, they discuss TikTok, the potential danger it presents, and the role of the government in regulating it.

War Machine w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 1)

Earl and Sandy talk about the role that war plays in the U.S. and global economy and the raising tensions between Taiwan and China before getting into a discussion on a potential banking crisis.

First Aldermanic District of Milwaukee w/ Vince Toney (Hour 2)

In this hour, Earl is joined by write in candidate for the first aldermanic district in the city of Milwaukee, Vince Toney. They talk about the unique problems facing the city and his vision for Milwaukee.