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Keeping one train of thought is never easy. The Dueling Tangents with Luke & Bryan is sharing what we find important in the day’s headlines and connecting with the stories we believe people need to know. Get ready for a side story here and there… but we promise to share how its all relevant.

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It's mean, it's green, it's beer!

It's St. Patrick's Day! Call in, grace us with your wildest St. Paddy's Day stories!

Musical Radio-Personality-Chairs

Happy Thursday, its time to talk about our biases. When do we see them, what does it take? Plus, a visit to Up North with Pat Kreitlow at 2:20 and Steven Webb, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of WI joins Luke at 2:30!

Are you Willing to drink the water?

William Walter and superproducer Evan discuss how it's impossible to escape the influence of PFA's in today's world, and take your calls.

Now that's what I call a close Shafer

It is time for a Tuesday full of tangents, from new water standards to cowboys floating Senate campaigns. Plus, award winning columnist Dan Shafer of the Recombobulation Area joins Luke at 2:30pm to recombobulate!

Time to take out the trash, man

Time to gather our tangents following a weekend of headlines. Luke dives into the cyclical nature of deregulation in the US, an update for what the end of the pandemic emergency may mean for thousands of Wisconsinites, and more!

Sports Balls: The soul of Wisco

Todd Allbaugh joins for a Thursday afternoon bracing for a winter storm, hopefully the last one of the season! We discuss the budget, Wisconsin sports, and the environment!

Feelin' even better on a Wednesday

Get ready for a Wednesday with Wil edition of Dueling Tangents! We dive into all the stories swirling around Wisconsin to get you through the mid-week news cycle!

2023-03-07 Dueling Tangents

It’s a Tangent Tuesday! Talking budget proposals, quarterbacks, and the Supreme Court race here in Wisconsin. Plus, we’ll recombobulate at 2:30 with Dan Shafer!