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THC-spiked seltzers

THC-spiked seltzers

September 16, 2022 11:00 AM CDT

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Guests: Art Heitzer, Joe Zepecki, Libby Ellsworth-Kasch, Patrick Curran, Wendy Strout

Marquette Law school survey results. The Human Rights Campaign. THC spiked Seltzer. Cedarburg Wine and Harvest Fest. Mildred Fish Harnack day.

0:03:51 - New Marquette Law School poll surveys Wisconsin voters

0:45:00 - What's going on with the HRC in Wisconsin

  • Wisconsin Director for The Human Rights Campaign, Wendy Strout shares what the HRC is doing to campaign for marriage equality in Wisconsin.

1:05:00 - Oops, Minnesota accidentally legalized THC-spiked seltzers

  • Minnesota legislatures legalized the manufacture and sale of products containing hemp-derived THC.

1:20:00 - Cedarburg Wine and Beer Fest

  • Executive Director at Festivals of Cedarburg, Patrick Curran gives us the rundown on what to expect at the upcoming Wine and Harvest fest .

1:29:05 - It's Mildred Fish Harnack day

  • American studies scholar turned attorney Libby Ellsworth-Kasch, and longtime activist for peace and justice, Art Heitzer aids us in the celebration of Mildred Fish Harnack day.

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