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Green Bay School Board makes statement on superintendent’s Resignation

Over a 100 supporters of the former superintendent attended a meeting to encourage signatures to a petition in effort to reinstate him.

Green Bay School Board makes statement on superintendent’s Resignation

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February 26, 2024 11:53 AM CDT
By: Lisa M. Hale

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GREEN BAY, Wisc. (WGBW) – Green Bay Area Public School District Board of Education releases a statement to families and staff members addressing misinformation following Superintendent Claude Tiller, Jr.’s resignation. The letter points out that laws restrict the information that can be shared about personnel matters, and all personnel matters are discussed in closed sessions.

The statement said “Because board members had heard concerns from individuals who had watched the video or had learned about the comments recorded in the video, it was decided that until the investigation was completed, Dr. Tiller would be placed on administrative leave. He was notified of this on February 13. On February 17, the Board of Education met in closed session to discuss Dr. Tiller’s resignation proposal, and then voted in open session to unanimously accept his resignation.” 

The letter from the school board continues, “As stated in the joint statement, the Board of Education and Dr. Tiller mutually agreed that his resignation was the best course of action for both parties. The Board accepted Dr. Tiller’s resignation in good faith. Dr. Tiller had legal representation throughout this entire process.”

Meanwhile, over 100 supporters of the former superintendent attended a meeting this weekend to encourage signatures on a petition to reinstate him. 

Tiller resigned a few days after being put on administrative leave following an appearance on an Atlanta radio show. Dr. Adrienne is the host of that show. She came to Green Bay to be a part of the meeting. “For him to resign that position, after having been on my show, I felt I had to be here to be a voice,” said Dr. Adrienne.

The event was organized by cultural non-profits including We All Rise: African American Resource Center, Casa ALBA Melanie, and COMSA. Robin Scott, the CEO of We All Rise said, “The initial hope was that we as a community would get to work with our board, and we would draft some kind of contract that would be inspiring; that would lead with an apology to Tiller.”

As of right now, nearly 1000 signatures have been collected on the petition. Scott says she has been in touch with Tiller’s team. 

“They are open to hearing an offer and seeing where this board is at and if they will stand with the community,” said Scott. 

The Green Bay School Board will discuss next steps following the Tiller resignation in a closed session today.

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