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The UAW Strike: A Turning Point for Wisconsin Workers

Rick Smith Discusses Worker Unity, Presidential Support, and the Future of Labor on “The Devil’s Advocates Radio”

The UAW Strike: A Turning Point for Wisconsin Workers

Source: Brady Coulthard

October 19, 2023 2:59 PM CDT
By: Brady Coulthard

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MADISON, Wis. (WMDX) – In a recent interview on “The Devil’s Advocates Radio,” Rick Smith, a prominent voice in labor rights and host of “The Rick Smith Show,” shared his insights on the ongoing UAW (United Auto Workers) strike. The strike, which has expanded to Hudson, WI, and Milwaukee, WI, has garnered significant attention, evolving into a major point of discussion in the labor movement.

Smith, who has visited the picket lines and interacted with the striking workers, emphasized the importance of understanding the workers’ perspective. He criticized the mainstream media for often spinning the narrative and urged people to listen to the workers directly: “Get out there on the picket line, walk with a person on strike, talk to them, find out from them, not what’s being spun in the corporate-controlled mainstream media, but what the workers are actually saying.”

Smith’s enthusiasm for the labor movement is evident. While he is a staunch supporter of unions, his primary allegiance lies with the workers. He celebrates the unity and determination of workers coming together to demand their fair share of the wealth they help create. According to Smith, the current momentum in the labor movement could rebuild the prosperous working class that once thrived in the United States: “It’s a scary time. But we could be rebuilding what our grandparents built, which is the most prosperous working class in the history of civilization.”

The interview highlighted a significant moment when President Joe Biden stood with the workers on the picket line, a move that Smith noted as unprecedented. He contrasted Biden’s actions with former President Barack Obama’s unfulfilled promise to march with workers during strikes.

It’s not red hat, blue hat. It’s hard hat. It’s about getting to work, getting paid for the work that you do, and being valued.

Rick Smith, host of “The Rick Smith Show”

The UAW’s approach to the strike has been strategic, employing tactics similar to the “chaos strikes” used by the Airline Workers union in the 90s. Smith explained that strikes are a last resort, a desperate measure when all other avenues have failed. “A strike is the last arrow in the quiver; nobody wants it,” Smith explained. He emphasized the progress made by the UAW in their negotiations, noting concessions from GM.

Rick Smith’s insights provide a valuable perspective on the UAW strike and the broader labor movement. His call for solidarity, understanding, and support for workers resonates at a time when the balance of power between corporations and workers is in flux. “We’re in a perfect storm moment.”

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