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Violence has no place in the political process

Follow our coverage of the 2024 Republican National Convention

William Walter

A Sad Clown Show (Hour 1)

September 28, 2023

This hour, Todd recaps the second GOP presidential debate from last night with Wil Walter of Town Call.

First RNC debate coverage (hour 2)

August 23, 2023

Hosts Todd Allbaugh and Kristin Brey continue their pregame coverage of the first RNC presidential debate with guests Rick Wilson and Trygve Olson of the Lincoln Project, and former Republican strategist Stuart Stevens, to discuss the presidential field. William Walter of Our Wisconsin Revolution and Civic Media joins to discuss the youth vote.

Young Voters & Debate Predictions

August 23, 2023

Todd is joined by a number of Civic Media and Lincoln Project guests to discuss what the Republican candidates vying for the 2024 nomination can win over young people.

Will they have the will?

May 17, 2023

Wednesday with William Walter! Should candidates and elected officials pay themselves back for personal loans they make to their campaigns?? That and more Wisconsin headlines here on Dueling Tangents.

Will we share that revenue

May 3, 2023

It’s Wednesday! William Walter joins Luke for updates on the shared revenue proposal, and all the strings that come with! Plus, reports from outside spending on last month’s Supreme Court race!

Our 3rd favorite Wednesday

April 26, 2023

Luke and William Walter saunter in with a whole stack of tangents for the people, and they have a word or two for our supreme court and it’s crumbling legacy.

Fire when ready

April 24, 2023

Luke, Bryan and Wil react to the headlines of the day, did you hear its “Firing Monday!”

What DOES the Faux say?

April 20, 2023

William Walter joins Luke on a Thursday, to discuss legislative proposals, university funding and the fallout of Fox settling the lawsuit with Dominion.

WILL they do it?!

April 12, 2023

2024 U.S. Senate map and Big Tech! Your calls, texts and tangents welcome at 844-967-2789.

Post-Tuesday Election Triage-in-Triplicate

April 5, 2023

If two’s a good time, than three’s a party on today’s celebratory hour of Dueling Tangents. Join Luke, Bryan and William Walter in feelin’ good on a wednesday, yah yah!

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