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Mike Crute

Circles Of Life

April 27, 2024

Guest: Mike Crute

Welcome to my crazy life! Join me as I speak with my husband and the The Devil’s Advocates Radio co-host, Michael Crute, as I talk about my upcoming presentation at the Circles Of Life Conference on May 16th (to join me there go to, our personal caregiving journey, and the RAISE Family Caregivers Act.

Is Egg Nog Good?(Hour 1)

December 14, 2023

Pete talks about his favorite Steve Martin films that came out on this day many years ago. Pete shares a story on Ivan Raimi… Sam Raimi, the famous directors brother. A special guest calls in from a very special holiday party. Mike Crute from Civic Media’s own Devils advocate calls in to talk about radio […]

Live from the National Caregiver Summit

October 25, 2023

Liza comes in live from Washington DC as she attends the National Caregiver Summit, and is joined by Harriet Redman, founder of WisconSibs, Kim Nonn, founder of Feist Vocational Counseling and Placement, and Civic Media’s own Mike Crute.

Civic Media roundtable on their experience in caregiving

August 16, 2023

Liza holds a roundtable of Civic Media staff to tell their experience as a caregiver, featuring Mike Crute, Terri Barr, Will Walter, and Phill Nee.

Maino and The Mayor taking flight from the EAA (Hour 1)

July 24, 2023

Mike Crute from Civic Media joins the show to talk EAA and the vision and plan for Civic Media. A Pilot named John joins the show to talk flying but he’s a farmer and rides Harley too. Tough stuff for John the Pilot, will his daughter fly? Then writer and Editor for Plane and Pilot, […]

Who won the shared revenue neogiation? (Hour 1)

June 9, 2023

Guest: Mike Crute

We kick off the show with a little deja vu – last week it was the debt ceiling deal and this week it’s Wisconsin’s tentative shared revenue deal. Who got more of what they wanted: Republicans? Gov. Evers? Municipalities? Then Devil’s Advocates Host Mike Crute joins for our weekly roundup of the best, worst and […]

President Joe Biden speaks in DeForest

February 8, 2023

President Joe Biden visits DeForest, WI to deliver a speech at the LiUNA Labor Training Center.

The Crew of the Love Boat (Hour 3)

January 26, 2023

Mike Crute, the President of Civic Media and host of the Devil’s Advocates Radio show, hops on at the top of the hour to update us on the Million Dollar Advertising Giveaway, which is looking to be an incredible success for local businesses. Afterward, love guru and positivity psychologist Kira Sabin helps us to shed […]

All in the Family

December 15, 2022

Guest: Mike Crute

On a special episode of The Empowered Caregiver, Liza is joined by her husband Mike Crute and her son Cayden to discuss Cayden’s autism diagnosis, the challenges associated with learning so much so fast, and the ever growing list of reasons they feel so blessed.

Election Night 2022 (8pm-10pm)

November 8, 2022

Hosts Mike Crute and Dominic Salvia join Civic Media News Director Terry Bell as the polls close.

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