Luke Mathers

Luke Mathers is featured on the following episode(s).

Smoke and Mirrors (Hour 2)

Shaun Murphy-Lopez joins us once again to discuss his role at the Richland Center listening session yesterday, and what he hopes the future will hold for his community. 

At the bottom of the hour, Civic Media Operations Director Luke Mathers hops on the show for some Tuesday Tangents with Todd.

I For One Welcome Our New Robot Overlords (Hour 3)

Elon Musk isn’t paying his former employees enough and AI lawyers are working on traffic ticket disputes. What is this world coming to?

Also, Todd laments the situations that led to a six-year-old shooting their first grade teacher.

Luke Mathers joins us to preview what is to come on Dueling Tangents and Civic Media in general.

Best of UpNorthNews Radio with Pat Kreitlow (Week of 01/02)

This week, we heard from a lot of great guests. Dr. Kristin Lyerly and Jessica Scharfenberg join us to discuss the dangers of fake pregnancy centers, and how they provide false advice, poorly performed procedures, and divulge patient information at their own discretion. Political analyst Joe Zepecki also joins us to talk about the implications of the Speaker of the House election failure, as well as the release of Donald Trump's tax documents and the January 6th investigation findings. To wrap up, Luke Mathers hops on the show to share where Civic Media is headed for 2023.