Keya Vakil

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Pudding Fingers and Twiddling Thumbs (Hour 1)

Looking at this week’s events we ask if the Grand Old Party can replace its elephant logo with a pair of twiddling thumbs, given what little is getting done in Madison and Washington. Also, Courier Newsroom national correspondent Keya Vakil joins us to review the Dominion defamation settlement with the Fox political propaganda channel. And we’ll also discuss the effectiveness of the Trump ad spoofing pudding lover Ron DeSantis.

Happy ‘414 Day’ – Now Do the 715 (Hour 1)

April 14, aka “414 Day,” is a chance for the Milwaukee area to toot its own horn. We’ll review some of today’s events and deals. But we also want your ideas on how July 15 could be a great day up in the 715—what kind of products or places are mandatory on a list that showcases life “up north” in our area code?

Also, Courier Newsroom national correspondent Keya Vakil helps us review this week’s headlines around the country.

WMC Traumatizes a Rape Victim (Hour 1)

Proving there is no bottom, the political machine Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (ostensibly a “business” group) twisted the words of a rape victim and a judge in order to produce a grotesque campaign ad meant to benefit conservative Supreme Court candidate Dan Kelly. It’s not the only group engaged in disgusting techniques designed to scare voters who might otherwise support Judge Janet Protasiewicz in next week’s election.

A Changing Climate for Clean Energy (Hour 1)

We talk to Justin Worland, a Washington-based senior correspondent for TIME who covers climate change politics and policy, about his recent Wisconsin visit to discuss the opportunities available to residents and businesses as a result of the landmark investments available in the new Inflation Reduction Act. Also, Courier Newsroom national correspondent Keya Vakil reviews this week’s political headlines.