Keya Vakil

Keya Vakil is featured on the following episode(s).

WMC Traumatizes a Rape Victim (Hour 1)

Proving there is no bottom, the political machine Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (ostensibly a “business” group) twisted the words of a rape victim and a judge in order to produce a grotesque campaign ad meant to benefit conservative Supreme Court candidate Dan Kelly. It’s not the only group engaged in disgusting techniques designed to scare voters who might otherwise support Judge Janet Protasiewicz in next week’s election.

A Changing Climate for Clean Energy (Hour 1)

We talk to Justin Worland, a Washington-based senior correspondent for TIME who covers climate change politics and policy, about his recent Wisconsin visit to discuss the opportunities available to residents and businesses as a result of the landmark investments available in the new Inflation Reduction Act. Also, Courier Newsroom national correspondent Keya Vakil reviews this week’s political headlines.

The Nation Is Watching Our Supreme Court Race (Hour 1)

With apologies to Kristin Brey: As goes Wisconsin, so goes America’s 2024 presidential election. In 2020, three current conservative justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court were willing to consider throwing out 221,000 legally-cast ballots, as requested by Donald Trump. If former justice Dan Kelly gets back on the court, as someone who was paid to advise Republicans on the fake electors scheme, could valid ballots be thrown out next time?