Greg Louis

Greg Louis is featured on the following episode(s).

Time to Vote! (Hour 1)

0:00 - Earl begins the show by discussing how beautiful the weather forecast for Waukesha is.

13:00 - Earl plays music and has on Pastor Greg Louis from Souls to the Polls to talk the upcoming election.

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Interview with Lu-Ann Bird (Hour 1)

0:00 - Earl has on LuAnn Bird, a candidate for Wisconsin's State Assembly to discuss her platform, political record, and her life story.

13:00 - LuAnn talks misinformation on the effectiveness of publicly-funded education, and how her campaign intends on bolstering public schools.

20:50 - LuAnn finishes up her interview as Pastor Greg Louis guests on the show, discussing his upcoming voting events and Souls to the Polls.

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How We Can Inspire Voting (Hour 3)

0:00 - Pastor Greg Louis talks the many things him and his organization have been doing to guarantee underprivileged individuals have the means to vote.

20:50 - Earl and Greg talk the potential outcomes of the upcoming election while continuing to advocate voter registration.

35:50 - The duo closes the show by advocating for understanding and unity between amongst Americans.

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Correcting False Narratives (Hour 2)

0:00: Earl continues the debate with callers on Mandela's positions and his validity for office.

35:50: Earl has on Pastor Greg Louis of Souls to the Polls to talk the importance of voting in the upcoming election and why people disengage from democracy.

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How Voting Affects Our Future (Hour 1)

Earl sits down with Pastor Greg Louis to discuss youth voting and the intention behind voting restrictions.

0:00 - Earl talks with Pastor Greg Louis about getting younger people to vote and its importance.
20:50 - Louis talks Voter ID and what his organization has done to promote voting to different communities in Wisconsin.
35:50 - Earl and Louis talk the future of our country and how voting plays a pivotal role.

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