Colin Murray

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White Jasmine, Interpreters Coop, Shop Local Tour-Black Owned Businesses, & Hart Beat Boutique

This week on LGL, Jason talks cheeses and spices with Huma of White Jasmine, learns about the Interpreters Coop, from Steve Herrick during the first half of the show. Then the Shop Local Tour takes center stage -- Colin Murray of Dane Buy Local and Donna Hart-Tervalon (owner of Hart Beat Boutique), fill us in on the next shop local tour (featuring black owned businesses) and the BOGO special for this tour on May 24th.

Building Families Alliance of Wisconsin, Kylee's Gift Cottage, and Local Events

Jason's back to turn the spotlight on local events and organizations! Colin Murray, Executive Director of Dane Buy Local, & Co-owner of Kylee's Gift Cottage, updates us on upcoming events and opportunites to engage with local businesses. Colin also shares a bit about his dog (Kylee) and the buisness he and his partner named after her. In the second half of the show, Maria Novotny and Dr. Bala Bhagavath share about the work of Building Families Alliance of Wisconsin, and its mission to make legislative change for Wisconsinites struggling with infertility. Many other states have insurance coverage for infertility services, but Wisconsin is behind. This past week was National Infertility Awareness Week and Building Families Alliance of Wisconsin was active -- visit to learn more.