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Violence has no place in the political process

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Chuck Chvala

Beauty and the Beast

March 4, 2024

Chuck Chvala sticks with the Devils through the hour to continue breaking down the new legislative maps. But before we get there, a bit of breaking news: SCOTUS has ruled that Trump will be on the ballot for the 2024 presidential election. Crute says that this is a good call, and of course he has […]

The Power Of Cheese

March 4, 2024

For today’s Wisconsin power hour, Crute shares some reporting by Molly Beck of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on the fake elector scheme. Jim Troupis and Ken Chesebro are not done astonishing us. Andrew Hitt may be playing dumb, but Chesebro is too busy perjuring himself to follow that lead. At the bottom of the hour, […]

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