C. L. Bryant

C. L. Bryant is featured on the following episode(s).

America's Place in the World (Hour 2)

0:00 - Earl and C.L. debate the reputation America has across the world, resulting in historically contentious relationships with other countries.

13:00 - Joel McNally responds to C. L.'s point on "election integrity", and how it is façade that leads to divisive political debate.

20:50 - Earl has on callers to question C. L.'s platform and talking points.

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Interview with C.L. Bryant (Hour 1)

0:00 - Earl has on Pastor C.L. Bryant, a political film producer and popular conservative to discuss contemporary issues.

13:00 - Earl and C.L. debate whether increasing prices are a consequence of increasing business regulation.

20:50 - The duo debate Donald Trump's presidency and the effects it had on the current administration.

35:50 - Earl, C.L, and Joel McNally debate whether equality of outcome or opportunity should be the basis of our political discussion.

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