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Ben Brey

Barack Obama comes to Wisconsin!

October 28, 2022

Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association. Ben Brey translates the market. Getting to know Hannah Beauchamp-Pope. (50:10) – Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association Executive Director of the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers, Tom Lochner teaches us about cranberry harvesting. You can connect with Wisconsin Cranberry Growers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. (1:12:00) – Ben Brey translates the […]

Senate debate, Women Win Wisconsin, and more

October 14, 2022

Senate debate. Wisconsin Medical Society on abortion care. Women Win Wisconsin. Section Yellow. Ben Brey is back. Course correcting misinformation. (1:14) – Senate debate Capitol Bureau Chief at Cap Times, Jessie Opoien talks about the political paradox of Ron Johnson and last night’s debate. (29:15) – Wisconsin Medical Society on abortion care Wisconsin Medical society […]

Interview: Ben Brey

September 29, 2022

Guest: Ben Brey

20 year Wall Street vet and the founder of Deductive Capital, Ben Brey tells us what’s been going on with the stock market.

“We’re up all night to get data”

September 29, 2022

Dr. Mike is back. On this date in Packers history. Wisconsin Policy Forum. Getting to know Danielle Johnson. Ben Brey translates the market. 21:15 – Dr. Mike is back Dr. Mike is back and answering questions about life and fantasy football. Submit your questions for Dr. Mike live by texting or calling 844-967-2789 every Wednesday […]

Interview: Founder of Deductive Capital Ben Brey

September 14, 2022

Guest: Ben Brey

Ben Brey helps us understand what’s happening in the stock market these days.

“If you died, would you become a diamond?”

September 14, 2022

Our favorite co-host Greg Bach is back! Getting to know Representative Lee Snodgrass. Ben Brey helps us understand what’s happening in the stock market these days. Tammy Baldwin’s new bills. Wisconsinites are returning to the workforce. Wisconsin residents are un-retiring. Low-stress jobs are on the rise. Representative Lee Snodgrass has finished her first term and […]

It’s a family affair today!

August 24, 2022

Remembering the Sterling Hall bombing, poor Pluto and Kristin’s brother Ben!

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