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“UpNorthNews Radio with Pat Kreitlow” is Wisconsin’s new home for daily conversations about the state’s latest headlines and stories. It’s a radio extension of what UpNorthNews founding editor Pat Kreitlow premiered in January 2020 as a website, social media posts, and a daily newsletter—a place for fact-based news coverage that is informative, conversational, and not afraid to stand for something. While dedicated to Wisconsin hometown radio, the daily UpNorthNews Radio program can also be heard live on multiple online platforms. Pat is a longtime Wisconsin journalist and former state legislator who lives in and produces the show from along Lake Wissota in Chippewa Falls.

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Best of UpNorthNews Radio with Pat Kreitlow (Week of 3/13/23)

This week on UpNorthNews Radio, we only had live shows on Thursday and Friday, but they were big shows! Hear from former State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski and Judge Janet Protasiewicz about the importance of the upcoming election for State Supreme Court. Afterwards, Pat talks with Mark Jacob, a former editor of the Chicago Sun Times and other publications, about the current state of journalism. To round out the hour, UW Eau Claire Athletics Director Dan Schumacher shares his thoughts about March Madness.

GOP Focus on Tough Issues—Like a State Rifle? (Hour 2)

We live in a world filled with challenges: gun violence, inflation, mental health challenges, underfunded schools, changing technologies. Thankfully for Wisconsin, the Republicans running the Legislature are focused this week on the really tough issues—like their new bill designating a “state rifle.” We’ll also talk to author and journalist Mark Jacob about this week’s national media coverage. And Dan Schumacher looks ahead to the weekend in sports.

A Changing Climate for Clean Energy (Hour 1)

We talk to Justin Worland, a Washington-based senior correspondent for TIME who covers climate change politics and policy, about his recent Wisconsin visit to discuss the opportunities available to residents and businesses as a result of the landmark investments available in the new Inflation Reduction Act. Also, Courier Newsroom national correspondent Keya Vakil reviews this week’s political headlines.

Judge Janet and the WI Medical Society President (Hour 2)

Just 19 days until Wisconsin’s huge state Supreme Court election and we’ll be joined by candidate and Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewic along with former state treasurer Sarah Godlewski for a discussion on the importance of having a plan to vote on April 4. 

And in this week’s Hometown Health segment, Dr. Kristin Lyerly is joined by the president of the Wisconsin Medical Society, Dr. Wendy Molaska, to discuss the increased challenges of attracting and retaining quality physicians when politicians put themselves between patients and their doctors.

Who Do You Think You’re Foolin’? (Hour 1)

Republicans in Madison stage some political theater by introducing a bill that they claim would moderate the archaic and unpopular 1849 abortion ban. Interestingly, the move is made shortly before an important state Supreme Court election and not last year when it would have shown voters an actual intent to be more moderate.

Best of UpNorthNews Radio with Pat Kreitlow (Week of 03/03/23)

This week on UpNorthNews Radio, we heard from state representatives Kristina Shelton and Francesca Hong about their Economic Justice Bill of Rights proposal. Afterward, on Hometown Health, Dr. Kristin Lyerly introduced us to Sara Finger of the Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health. Finally, we round out the hour with a visit from Todd Allbaugh of the conveniently named Todd Allbaugh Show.

Human Rights on the Ballot (Hour 2)

Wendy Strout, Wisconsin director for the Human Rights Campaign PAC, talks about the significant stakes for the LGBTQ community in the April 4 Supreme Court race and the special election for a state Senate seat. Also, Mark Jacob, a former editor with the Chicago Tribune, joins us for his Friday overview of how national media covers the big stories of the week.

Trump’s ‘Judge Whisperer’ Is Coming (Hour 1)

Leonard Leo is the most powerful man you’ve never heard of. He’s a key player in getting justices on the US Supreme Court who would eventually kill Roe v. Wade. Courier Newsroom national correspondent Keya Vakil tells us how Leo is getting active on behalf of right wing former justice Dan Kelly in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election.

Putting Families First (Hour 2)

In this week’s Hometown Health segment, Dr. Kristin Lyerly introduces us to a group helping people navigate their infertility concerns and seek better connections to necessary resources. Also, state Reps. Kristina Shelton and Francesca Hong discuss their Economic Justice Bill of Rights proposal and other updates from the Legislature.

What a Week in Wisconsin (Hour 1)

We get our regular Thursday visit with Democratic strategist and UpNorthNews political analyst Joe Zepecki about the week in state political happenings.