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“Pursuing the truth wherever it may lead,” Todd Allbaugh offers a unique perspective on growing up in SW Wisconsin, 30 years in politics and government as a former Republican, and current events. With a self-described “mutt resume,” Todd’s done it all–from baling hay to hosting presidential visits, owning a coffee business to helping call a Final Four.  Join the conversation 8am-11am, M-F, on WRCE, WXCE, WXCO and streaming live on the Civic Media App.

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Dancing Around the Polls (Hour 1)

Last night, Todd’s sister got a call from a new poll put out by advocates for Dan Kelly. Todd shares his insights from working on past political polls.

Pursuing the Truth About Milk (Hour 3)

We received a call to check our milk facts that we shared at the end of today’s second hour and found that we had outdated information about the safety of commercial non-organic milk, so we made sure to correct ourselves. Additionally, if milk substitutes can’t be called milk, what should we call them?

The Republican Narrative Has Written You Out (Hour 2)

Representative Matt Gaetz has made some questionable choices on who to bring in for the first House Judiciary Committee meeting; while the guest is a veteran, he is also an alleged murderer.

Also, Todd talks about the Dairy Pride Act!

ArchiPELago, ArchipeLAGo (Hour 1)

Happy Hump Day!

After talking about Girl Scout cookies with Pat Kreitlow, Todd welcomes Trygve Olson from The Lincoln Project back to the show to talk about possibilities for the state supreme court race and the 2024 Presidential election. As another former Republican, Todd also seeks Trygve’s take on the Fox v. Dominion case.

Moving On To March (Hour 3)

Todd talks a bit about Spring Training, rainy weather, camping, and other harbingers of the season. 

Luke Mathers joins us to talk about soup on today’s edition of Tuesday Tangents.

Paul Ryan’s Position (Hour 2)

Yet again, former House Speaker Paul Ryan shows that at least some people with an R by their name can still call it like they see it. Todd also continues with the Rupert Murdoch deposition.

We Have the Meats (Hour 1)

Following yesterday’s testimony by Fox Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch, Todd updates us on the Fox v. Dominion defamation case.

Standing Up To Fascism (Hour 3)

Todd brings us a reflection on the Russian invasion of Ukraine after a whole year of conflict. He also talks about the state of journalism and how we can pursue the truth, wherever it may lead.

Which Side Are You On? (Hour 2)

Last night, Todd reached out to Brian Schimming on Twitter about whether he agrees with Donald Trump or Paul Ryan, and we will keep you updated if he responds. 

Todd speaks with his friend Jeff about where various politicians stand in regards to Donald Trump.

Fox News… Has News? (Hour 1)

After a refreshing trip to Seattle with his godson, Todd returns to us with the news from the weekend. We continue to get updates on the train derailment disaster in Ohio, and an acknowledgement of Trump’s deregulation of railways by Fox News of all places.