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“Pursuing the truth wherever it may lead,” Todd Allbaugh offers a unique perspective on growing up in SW Wisconsin, 30 years in politics and government as a former Republican, and current events. With a self-described “mutt resume,” Todd’s done it all–from baling hay to hosting presidential visits, owning a coffee business to helping call a Final Four.  Join the conversation 8am-11am, M-F, on WRCE, WXCE, WXCO and streaming live on the Civic Media App.

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An Extremely Goofy Marjorie (Hour 2)

Marjorie Taylor Greene is up to her old tricks as she looks to “divorce the nation” to separate Republican states and Democratic states to shrink the federal government. Todd talks about how not even her colleagues think this is a good idea. 

Also, what will happen now that Fox News hosts like Tucker Carlson have footage from the January 6th insurrection?

Live From Pat’s Hot Tub… We Wish (Hour 1)

Happy Hump Day!

Trygve Olson of The Lincoln Project calls in as he leaves town to avoid the upcoming snowstorm. He and Todd discuss last night’s State Supreme Court primary election before touching on President Biden’s visit to Ukraine and other national topics.

Don’t Just Vote– Be a Voter (Hour 3)

The book banning craze has infected Wisconsin! Todd tells us more before being joined by Luke Mathers for Tuesday Tangents with Todd.

Creating Political Narratives (Hour 2)

Todd wraps up talking about voter suppression in Texas, moving on to further covering book banning in Florida.

Happy Spring Primary Day! (Hour 1)

Don’t forget to vote today in the Wisconsin State Supreme Court primary election! Vote for one candidate, and the top two will move on to the next round. No matter who you want to vote for, we encourage you to participate in democracy and exercise your rights. 

Parts of Wisconsin are looking to get nearly three feet of snow over the next few days, so make sure to check the weather before making plans!

We Need the Whole Story (Hour 3)

This hour, Todd focuses on President Biden’s journey to accepting and supporting marriage equality. Donald Trump’s staff have posted an old video clip from 2006 in which Biden appears to be set against gay marriage, but it is taken out of context, so Todd gives us all the background we need to see the truth.

Employing/Exploiting a New Generation (Hour 2)

Packers Sanitation Services, Inc. has been caught for exploiting over 100 children as young as 13, exposing them to dangerous equipment and chemicals. What can we do as individuals to try and combat these evil business practices? Todd shares his ideas.

Happy Presidents’ Day! (Hour 1)

This morning, President Biden spoke in Kyiv about our continually renewing support for Ukraine. We bring you that entire speech, which is definitely worth a listen.

Dominion v. Fox News (Hour 3)

Matt Flynn returns to provide a lawyer’s perspective on the newly disclosed evidence that Fox News hosts internally expressed acceptance of the 2020 Presidential election results. What consequences will befall the network now that we know they lied? 

Aaron’s board game of the week is Hive! Place and move your bugs to protect your queen bee in this quick chess-like game.

Going Pro with Bradie Ewing (Hour 2)

Bradie Ewing calls in once again to talk about sports, UFOs, and life in general. Hear about what it’s like to move on from college football to the NFL!