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“Pursuing the truth wherever it may lead,” Todd Allbaugh offers a unique perspective on growing up in SW Wisconsin, 30 years in politics and government as a former Republican, and current events. With a self-described “mutt resume,” Todd’s done it all–from baling hay to hosting presidential visits, owning a coffee business to helping call a Final Four.  Join the conversation 8am-11am, M-F, on WRCE, WXCE, WXCO and streaming live on the Civic Media App.

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Daylight Savings Time Edition (Hour 1)

Happy Monday!

This morning, Todd shares the story of Silicon Valley Bank’s downfall and what the US government is looking to do about it. Should they be helping out those who have lost money? Hear President Biden’s remarks on the matter here.

Where’s the Beef? (Hour 3)

President Joe Biden has presented his federal budget proposal. Todd talks about the Republican response (or lack thereof) and the lies of trickle-down economics.

Treat People With Kindness (Hour 2)

This hour, after expounding a bit more on the vaccination issue, we hear from Chad Holmes on the recent antisemitic event in Wausau.

A Little Bit Of Chicken Pox (Hour 1)

This morning, Todd takes some time to talk about the suspension of requirements for children to get vaccinated… for chickenpox and meningitis.

Aaron Rodgers Fan Freakout (Hour 3)

This just in: Aaron Rodgers has personally revoked his own Wisconsin driver’s license and American citizenship to renew them in New York. Just kidding, but Twitter is ablaze with all kinds of wild speculation about his plans.

Helping Each Other Understand and Fight Racism (Hour 2)

This hour, Todd takes more callers on the terrible antisemitic event in Wausau and the recent racist behavior in a high school basketball game. Are these events linked? Perhaps.

Money Mind Games (Hour 3)

Aaron Rodgers continues to negotiate his future in the NFL, deciding if he is to remain with the Packers or switch to the Jets. 

Todd also takes a moment to talk about the continued effort to avoid raising the national debt ceiling and what it means for us.

Where Do You Get News? (Hour 2)

Todd follows up on his conversation with Stuart Stevens by talking about the unrelenting lies from mouthpieces like Tucker Carlson.

The Story of Stuart Stevens (Hour 1)

Happy Hump Day!

After a quick visit from Pat Kreitlow of UpNorthNews Radio, Stuart Stevens of The Lincoln Project joins us to talk about the current Republican party and his book, It Was All a Lie: How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump.

Where In Wisconsin Is Bryan Kelly? (Hour 3)

To commemorate his godson’s move to the West coast, Todd shares a poem from Garrison Keillor. 

On today’s edition of Tuesday Tangents, Luke shares some breaking news about Dan Kelly’s campaign before he and Todd talk about sports.