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“Pursuing the truth wherever it may lead,” Todd Allbaugh offers a unique perspective on growing up in SW Wisconsin, 30 years in politics and government as a former Republican, and current events. With a self-described “mutt resume,” Todd’s done it all–from baling hay to hosting presidential visits, owning a coffee business to helping call a Final Four.  Join the conversation 8am-11am, M-F, on WRCE, WXCE, WXCO and streaming live on the Civic Media App.

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Park’s a Wreck (Hour 1)

Happy Monday, everybody! 

Once again, Todd brings us the headlines from the weekend, including a clip from Jon Stewart’s show where he interviews Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm about some ridiculous gun legislation.  

Todd also takes some time on the 58th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, the attack on peaceful Civil Rights protestors in Selma, Alabama.

Don’t Allow Your Vote To Be Stolen (Hour 3)

Two Energizer plants in Southwestern Wisconsin are being closed down in the near future, as early as this coming July. Over 400 people will be losing their jobs. Todd talks about the impact on our communities.

Beware false absentee ballot mailers, and make sure to request yours from your county clerk or .

Aaron’s board game of the week is a classic - Settlers of Catan! Check it out at your local game store.

We Can’t Trust Troupis (Hour 2)

Who is Jim Troupis? Todd tells us all about him and why we should know what he’s up to.

Bradie Ewing, the Sports Guru (Hour 1)

This morning, former Badger and NFL football player Bradie Ewing calls in to share more of his wisdom. 

Happy birthday to our meteorologist from Weatherology, Cara Foster!

A Barrel Of Monkeys (Hour 3)

Life coach and positivity psychologist Kira Sabin has returned from leading a retreat in Costa Rica to talk with us about having a growth mindset and how it can help every area of our lives.

Politicians Are Like Bananas (Hour 2)

After finishing up the conversation on political polls, Todd tells us all about Badger basketball and the fun tradition of bringing back an ex-player to captain the team.

It seems that our listeners find bananas very a-peel-ing. I’ll see myself out.

Dancing Around the Polls (Hour 1)

Last night, Todd’s sister got a call from a new poll put out by advocates for Dan Kelly. Todd shares his insights from working on past political polls.

Pursuing the Truth About Milk (Hour 3)

We received a call to check our milk facts that we shared at the end of today’s second hour and found that we had outdated information about the safety of commercial non-organic milk, so we made sure to correct ourselves. Additionally, if milk substitutes can’t be called milk, what should we call them?

The Republican Narrative Has Written You Out (Hour 2)

Representative Matt Gaetz has made some questionable choices on who to bring in for the first House Judiciary Committee meeting; while the guest is a veteran, he is also an alleged murderer.

Also, Todd talks about the Dairy Pride Act!

ArchiPELago, ArchipeLAGo (Hour 1)

Happy Hump Day!

After talking about Girl Scout cookies with Pat Kreitlow, Todd welcomes Trygve Olson from The Lincoln Project back to the show to talk about possibilities for the state supreme court race and the 2024 Presidential election. As another former Republican, Todd also seeks Trygve’s take on the Fox v. Dominion case.