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“Pursuing the truth wherever it may lead,” Todd Allbaugh offers a unique perspective on growing up in SW Wisconsin, 30 years in politics and government as a former Republican, and current events. With a self-described “mutt resume,” Todd’s done it all–from baling hay to hosting presidential visits, owning a coffee business to helping call a Final Four.  Join the conversation 8am-11am, M-F, on WRCE, WXCE, WXCO and streaming live on the Civic Media App.

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UW Richland Center Update (Hour 2)

Last night, the Richland County Board had another public meeting to share their proposed plan to save the UW Platteville-Richland Center campus. Todd attended via Zoom, and here he shares what went down.

How Are You, Really? (Hour 1)

We begin the show today on a somber note in the wake of yet another tragic school shooting in Nashville, along with a litany of other horrible events. At least we have Spring to look forward to.

We Back the Badge… Except When We Don’t (Hour 3)

Continuing the theme of voting, Todd covers difficulties that veterans and people with disabilities face when voting absentee. There are those who seek to outlaw assistance in returning absentee ballots, but luckily, the courts are on the side of voting rights.

REAL Illegal Voters In Wisconsin (Hour 2)

Matt DeFour of Wisconsin Watch joins us today to share an independent review of Wisconsin elections. It turns out that there have been illegal votes, but not in the way that you may have been led to believe.

Can Political Violence Be Justified? (Hour 3)

In Green Bay, mayoral candidates have been receiving threats of violence. Todd discusses these horrific events and relates it to other violent tendencies developing in our political climate. 

Aaron’s board game of the week is Card Sale, a game co-designed by the one and only Charlie Berens!

More Coffee With Alice (Hour 3)

This hour, we take several calls on the topic of the State Supreme Court election. We then have our second edition of Coffee With Alice! She shares some of what it’s like to be Jewish in today’s world and how social media can amplify antisemitism.

Dan Kelly: Malicious Or Unaware? (Hour 2)

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has shared some new information on the State Supreme Court candidates in the form of allegations against Judge Janet Protasiewicz and strange venue choices by former Justice Dan Kelly.

Fifty Baby Turkeys and One Happy Dog (Hour 1)

This morning, Todd talks about the state of farming in Wisconsin, sharing an article from self-proclaimed Fabulous Farm Babe Pam Jahnke. 

Afterwards, we hear a very interesting story about turkeys from a caller.

It's Dog Poop, Your Honor (Hour 3)

Today, Jack Daniel’s is taking the dog toy company VIP to court over a parody of the famous whiskey bottle that makes dog poop jokes.

State Supreme Court Debate Recap (Hour 2)

Yesterday, Judge Janet Protasiewicz and former Justice Dan Kelly had their first and only debate in the race for the State Supreme Court. Todd, Aaron, and Jeff Perry share their observations from the showdown.