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No one makes a highlight from the sidelines–join the conversation on “Playmakers!” This show takes a deep dive into everything from local to world wide sports. With local sports guests and call-ins from the audience, this show is a highlight every Monday at 10 on WFHR.

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Riverkings Wrap-up

Coach Pechmann talks about the season and looks ahead to next year, then James and Randy get into Badger sports looking forward including the next men's hockey coach, a high school roundup, the collapse of Purdue and other March (Absolute) Madness, and some NFC North talk.

Da Bears did something good. Really!

Randy and James get into the gigantic trade between the Bears and the Panthers, the Aaron Rodgers drama, a winter high school sports roundup, the Riverkings season, the Golden Eagles Big East title, the Badgers in the NIT, and the baseball rules changes.

Riverkings and Burnin' 8's

Coach Pechmann goes over the playoff win and look toward the next round, Randy updates on HS playoffs, then the guys talk to Ross about what's going on at Burnin' 8's, and wrap up the show with some March Madness.

The Riverkings head to the playoffs!

Coach Pechmann reviews the weekend then previews the playoffs, then James and Randy discuss the sale of the Milwaukee Bucks, the first pitch clock violation belonging to Manny Machado, Randy's high school roundup, more of Manny Machado's ego and baseball rules changes, and your phone calls.

Riverkings and more!

Coach Pechmann gives some updates on the 'Kings heading into the playoffs, then Randy roundup's the high school action. James and Randy then discuss the possible bankruptcy of Bally Sports, some baseball rules talk, and the Brewers offseason.

Riverkings and more!

Coach Pechmann talks about the game over the weekend and upcoming games, then Randy and James discuss the Super Bowl, then Randy has a high school roundup, and they finish with more big game topics.

The Super-what now?

James and Randy get into the Super Bowl (wonder what that is), the NFL coach merry-go-round, and Andy Reed's acting ability. Randy gives a high school roundup, then the WIAA realignment, and other sporty things.

Riverkings Coach Paul Pechmann

Coach Pechmann reviews the weekend series and the upcoming set against the Blue Ox, then Seth and James discuss the baseball Hall of Fame, the Rafters, and some football playoffs (ho hum.)

Riverkings Coach Paul Pechmann

Coach Pechmann talks about making the playoffs and upcoming games, while James and Seth discuss the NFL playoffs, the Rafters GM taking a job with the New York Mets, and the rules changes coming to MLB.

NFL Playoffs going strong

James and Randy talk about the NFL playoffs, Packer news, the upcoming baseball season, a high school roundup, the Riverkings making a surge, and more NFL talk.