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Matt Flynn – Direct is a no-holds-barred political conversation. Every afternoon, Matt shares his perspective as a former chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and decades of experience as an attorney in Milwaukee. Right, left, or center: Matt takes on all callers and remember, you’re not woke if you don’t know history.

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Don't Let Them Tell You Any Different

Matt talks about false equivalency and takes your call through the hour.

Limping Along

Matt breaks down the implications of not extending the debt ceiling and goes over the the proposed solutions.

What's the Deal?

Matt and his callers break down all the problems with Republican's tax proposals and their views on Russia.

Who Done It

Matt speculates about the origin of the leaked Dobbs decision and the effects of the impending government shutdown.

Leader of the Pack

Matt breaks down the fundraising efforts for each of the Wisconsin Supreme court and discusses the most recent legislative news.

It's high time for change

Matt discusses the bad faith of the Wisconsin legislature, and the threat posed by Russia's feckless leader.

He's Crooked as a Dog's Hind Leg

Matt debates the biggest disasters of the Republican party with callers from both sides of the aisle.

The Documents

Matt lays out the timeline for discovery of the classified documents in President Biden's possession and takes calls to hear your opinions on the matter.

Taking It to the Limit

Matt discusses the quickly approaching deadline to extend the federal debt limit and other political headlines from across the country.

The Difference Between the Two

Matt gives his take on the discovery of classified documents at President Biden's residence, compares that to Trump's Mar-a-Lago situation, and more.