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The Wisconsin Supreme Court w/ Judge Janet Protesiewicz (Hour 1)

To start the show, Earl is joined by Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Judge Janet Protesiewicz to talk about her values as a judge and the importance of this election.

Then, Earl discusses the treatment of mentally ill inmates and the prison system as a whole.

A House Divided (Hour 3)

In this hour, Earl discusses Ron DeDantis and the divisions within our country that he embodies.

I Know What My Eyes Saw (Hour 2)

Earl talk's about the willful ignorance of Fox listeners regarding the 2020 election, the January 6th insurrection, and Tucker Carlson.

What Does That Say? (Hour 1)

Earl discusses the recent story of racism from Muskego students at a high school basketball game, what it says about progress in our society, and the necessary ramifications for the school and students.

Religion in America w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 3)

Earl and Sandy start the hour talking about religion in public education, leading into a larger discussion about the importance of diversity of religion and how it shapes the morality of our society.

To end the show, Earl and Sandy talk about increasing tensions between the western world and Russian and China.

Artificial Intelligence w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 2)

Earl and Sandy talk about recent innovations in A.I., and both the negative and positive ramifications it will have on our society.

Then, they talk about our evolving economy and capitalist structure.

Holding the Team Up

Earl and Gilbert start the show by discussing Aaron Rodgers; if he's distracting the team, the parallels Rodger's situation has to then end of Favre's career in Green Bay, and the fan perception regarding his decision.

Then, they talk about the lack of black head coaches in the NFL; the cultural reasons why teams aren't hiring black head coaches and how the NFL evolves over time. They also get into the changes to health care for players and how the league treats them after they retire.

U.S. Foreign Policy w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 3)

In the final hour of the show, Earl and Sandy discuss the reasons why Russia invaded Ukraine, what we get out of participating in international conflicts, and other ramifications from flexing American muscle on the world stage.

Weathered a Few Storms w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 2)

Earl and Sandy start the hour by continuing the discussion on student loan cancellation before getting into their opinions on the Fox News lying scandal and Rupert Murdoch.

To end the hour, Earl and Sandy discuss the Israeli Palestine conflict and the United States' arming of Taiwan.

Fraught with Complexity w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 1)

Earl and Sandy discuss the complex issue of student debt cancellation and the problems with education in our country.