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Interview with Kevin Carr (Hour 3)

0:00 - Earl has on Kevin Carr, the Secretary of the Department of Corrections to explain their release programs and process.

13:50 - Kevin goes into detail explaining the number of institutions the Department of Corrections manages and their investment into young people currently in Juvenile Detention Centers.

20:50 - The duo takes calls regarding the Department's vision and processes, describing the work that still needs to be done in Milwaukee.

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Interview with John D. Johnson (Part 2) (Hour 2)

Earl and John continue by explaining how home buyers take advantage of owners through unclear contractual obligations. They also explain how high rent and mortgage costs have led to a rise in dilapidated, unkept communities in major cities across the nation, not limited to Wisconsin.

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Modern Housing in Wisconsin (Hour 1)

Earl has on Jon D. Johnson to discuss the effect of the selling of housing to large property management companies and how it impacts homelessness, community building, and the general cost of housing and mortgages.

20:50 - Earl and John discuss the impacts of historical lending discrimination in Milwaukee the impact it had across generations.

35:50 - They continue to expand on the systemic ways this discrimination still occurs today, and the future for the housing market.

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Tension (Hour 3)

Earl and Sandy talk with callers about Putin's attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, and how it reveals a potential, ruthless plan Putin may have to forcefully destabilize Ukraine's economy. The group break down America's interests in Ukraine and how they have exacerbated in the issue.

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Healthcare Burnout (Hour 2)

0:00 - Earl and Sandy begin discussing the increasing percentage of healthcare workers who are experiencing symptoms of burnout

13:00 - The duo talk with callers about how profit incentives and COVID revealed weaknesses in our systems.

20:50 - Curtis from West Allis calls in to discuss issues with nonprofit hospitals in Wisconsin, and how our system has many more unseen flaws across the board.

35:50 - The duo finish out the hour by discussing the reasons behind our growing tension with China.

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The Government's Role (Hour 3)

0:00 - Earl and Sandy talk discuss government versus religious and individual freedoms, highlighting the current state of our economy, cultural issues, and the importance of open-mindedness and acceptance in this debate.

20:50 - The duo continue to expand on the topic of governmental role, discussing the proper separation of the marketplace and government action.

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Wartime Decision Making (Hour 2)

0:00 - Earl and Sandy talk about the recent unsuccessful US military audit and its ramifications on budget legislation.

13:00 - The duo begin focusing on Russi's recent attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, creating a potential, short-term advantage for Russia during this war.

20:50 - Earl and Sandy discuss religious dogmatism and the negative effects it can have on policy debate and awareness, explaining how over time it has led to a erosion of the necessary separation of church and state.

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The Need for a Plan (Hour 1)

0:00 - Earl and Sandy discuss weather, hunting, and seasonal migration.

13:00 - Earl talks with callers about dear hunting, meat, and animal conservation efforts.

20:50 - Earl and Sandy talk Elon Musk purchasing Twitter, discussing the culture and conversations that talk place on the app.

35:50 - Sandy explains the reasoning behind our ballooning debt and what legislation the government can pass to attenuate it.

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A Human Issue (Hour 3)

0:00 - Earl has on Jim Harden to also discuss election outcomes, highlighting how the abortion issue became the main contributor to its outcome.

13:00 - Earl and Jim continue their discussion, with Tom from LA joining to discuss the differences between the 'pro-life' and 'pro-choice' stances.

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Poligicians (Hour 2)

0:00 - Earl discusses the approaching economic recession and increasing homelessness this winter, calling for better resources.

13:00 - Earl has on Mike Letts to discuss the divide that exists in our country after the election results.

20:50 - Mike dives deep into a discussion with Earl about new legislation following the election and their lack of effect against state wide issues.

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