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That Makes Zero Sense w/ Marva Herndon & Erica Siemsen (Hour 3)

To start the hour, Earl, Marva, and Erica continue their discussion on Milwaukee Public Schools. Then, Earl discusses potential Republican challengers to Senator Tammy Baldwin next year, as well as measures being taken to stop the theft of Honda and Kia cars.

Vincent James Mentoring w/ Matt Stafford (Hour 1)

Earl is joined by Matt Stafford, founder and executive director of Vincent James Mentoring. Vincent James Mentoring is a Waukesha based non-profit that focuses on providing hope, love, and family to the teens of our community.

Earl and Matt talk about his life growing up with loving adopted parents, the loss he has experienced in his life, and how the mentors he has had have led him to become who he is today.

Bankroll w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 3)

Earl and Sandy continue the show by discussing the enfolding bank crisis and the influence of lobbyists on our legislative process.

Imminent Arrest w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 2)

Earl and Sandy start the hour talking about the potential detainment of Donald Trump before delving into United States' foreign policy in light of the warrant for Putin's arrest.

You Can't Say that About Yourself

Earl and Gilbert talk about Aaron Rodgers calling himself the greatest Packer of all time, his unceremonious exit from Green Bay, and the future of the team under Jordan Love.

Tax the Rich! w/ Morris Pearl & Sandy Williams (Hour 3)

Earl and Sandy are joined by the chair of the Patriotic Millionaires and co-author of 'Tax the Rich! How Lies, Loopholes, and Lobbyists Make the Rich Even Richer,' Morris Pearl. They talk about the glaring flaws in our country's tax code and how the wealthy exploit it to benefit themselves with no care for the ordinary person.

A Can Kicked Down the Road (Hour 2)

Earl and Sandy talk about social security, 401ks, and the United States' tax structure.

Everybody's Watching w/ Sandy Williams (Hour 1)

Earl and Sandy start the day talking about the Aaron Rodgers saga before moving into the more serious subjects of the war in Ukraine and U.S. foreign policy.

WWE Style Politics w/ Joel McNally (Hour 3)

Earl and Joel continue their discussion on the state of the Republican party and discuss the rise, fall, and possible return of Donald Trump.