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Keeping one train of thought is never easy. The Dueling Tangents with Luke & Bryan is sharing what we find important in the day’s headlines and connecting with the stories we believe people need to know. Get ready for a side story here and there… but we promise to share how its all relevant.

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Par for the course

Luke and friend of the Devil William Walter fill the bag with enough tangents to get you through the weekend - now get that bag.

Chronic Problems

Luke and Bryan talk with Alan Robinson, a madison-area entrepreneur and marijuana legalization activist.

Don't let mother nature take all the credit

William Walter joins Luke for a Wednesday of tangents. We talk sewer socialism, Robert Spindell and more! Your calls, texts and tangents too.

2023-01-10 Dueling Tangents

Shawn Phetteplace and Francesca Hong join Luke and Bryan to talk about the important stuff. 'Cause we got BIG stuff goin' on.

Keeping One "Train" Of Thought

Today, Luke and Bryan talk about how much they like trains, and would very much appreciate having passenger trains in our state. They also discuss the Packer game and our newly elected Speaker of the House.

It was the 14th or the 16th...

Luke and Bryan cover all the tangents you need before the weekend!

Is it wrong to enjoy this?

Luke is joined by Dan Schafer of The Recombobulation Area, to discuss a whirlwind of dysfunction and infighting in the GOP - especially around their vote on a new leader in the house. Is it wrong to feel so right?

You be the judge

William Walter joins Luke for a Wednesday full of headlines, and Dane County Judge Everett Mitchell joins the show at 2:30 pm!