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Keeping one train of thought is never easy. The Dueling Tangents with Luke & Bryan is sharing what we find important in the day’s headlines and connecting with the stories we believe people need to know. Get ready for a side story here and there… but we promise to share how its all relevant.

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To dive into the dumpster - the dumpster of life

A Monday afternoon ripe for tangents! Todd Allbaugh, host of the Todd Allbaugh Show joins Luke for the hour to discuss debate parameters, a dumpster dive into last Friday’s news, and a look at what paid leave would mean for small businesses in Wisconsin!

Fighting Fascism For Fun (& Future)

Matt Rothschild joins Luke all hour long to talk good governance, the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, headlines and more!

Budgets and Bathtubs

We’re heading into the budget season here in Wisconsin, who wants what included? We’ll talk about some of the proposals coming out of Madison. Plus, more tangents and Todd Allbaugh joins at 2:30!

Dueling recusals will change the world

Its Wednesday, which means William Walter joins Luke for the tossing around of some tangents and headlines! Eli Lily does the right thing, for real this time, not just because of a mock tweet! Plus, WI Supreme Court candidates meet with the Counties Association, and we will discuss what they had to say.

Dark and shadowy dockets

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments today on #StudentDebtRelief, climate change could be threatening your favorite craft brews, and Dan Shafer of the Recombobulation Area joins Luke at 2:30pm to catch up on some tangents.

Clean water for me, not for thee

Luke and Evan expose injustices, the obvious ones literally everyone can see. At least we talk about it.

2023-02-24 Dueling Tangents

Deities break contracts all the time

Luke and William Walter won't hold it against them, for they have a plethora of tangents to run through.