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California Hovde’s trip to Madison

California Hovde’s trip to Madison

February 20, 2024 5:00 PM CDT

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Crute's away, so Dom will continue to play! And he's out here IGNORING his civic duty! It's local primary election day here in Wisconsin, and Dom didn't go out and vote! It's not his fault, he tried! But it turns out when Republicans make it harder to vote, they are really making it harder to vote. Especially if you just moved. Do as he says and vote!

Meanwhile, California businessman Eric Hovde has officially entered the Senate race here in Wisconsin to try and take down Tammy Baldwin. Good luck with that, Baldwin is a fundraising machine in Wisconsin, and Hovde can't even say what state he's running in in his announcement video.

Republicans who are ACTUALLY from Wisconsin are doing what they do best - tax cuts! They're sending another round of tax cuts up to Governor Evers, because of course they are!

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