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Always prepare for the worst

Always prepare for the worst

February 8, 2024 at 05:00 PM UTC

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SCOTUS heard oral arguments today about whether or not Trump should appear on the Colorado ballot, and they seem inclined to side with Trump and let him on the ballot. Just as Crute said they would, or at least what Crute says he said. Dom's not so sure about how exactly that conversation went.

Plus - Trump's set to win the caucus in Nevada tonight, mostly because he's the only one there. But his party at Treasure Island will be without Crute, as he's been denied once again. In Iowa? Sure, maybe the rooms were small. But in Vegas? Well, now it's starting to feel a bit personal...

Speaking of Trump, he gave his immediate reaction to today's SCOTUS oral arguments. I know he like's to sue, maybe he should sue the airport next door that seems to fly it's planes right over his house in Mar-a-lago...

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