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Trials and numbers

Trials and numbers

February 7, 2024 at 06:00 PM UTC

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Trump's lawyers get to argue before the US Supreme Court tomorrow morning about whether or not he should appear on the Colorado ballot. Civic Media Host Jim Santelle joins the Devil's to give his take on the case. His prognosis? SCOTUS will probably put him back on the ballot, because that's just who they are.

And should Trump have absolute immunity? No, of course not, says Santelle. Not only that, but the matter should be done, and should not be heard by SCOTUS. Will he try to appeal anyways and draw this thing out? Probably, but then the question is - does SCOTUS have enough integrity to ignore it?

Then, Charles Franklin with the Marquette Law School Poll is back with the results of his newest poll, that released today. Biden and Trump are neck and neck! Hayley, not so much. In fact, she's polling even worse in Wisconsin than she did last night in Nevada. Plus, people want the weed in Wisconsin, and our suspicions are confirmed: Robin Vos is the most unpopular politician in the state of Wisconsin.

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