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The biggest loser

The biggest loser

February 7, 2024 at 05:00 PM UTC

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What's the biggest embarrassment in recent electoral history? It might not be Scott Walker anymore, at least he didn't lose to "none of the above" like Nikki Hayley. The results of the useless Nevada presidential primary are in, and Hayley didn't just lose to "none of these candidates," it got more than double the amount of votes than her. Say what you will about Nikki Hayley, but she still managed to do the impossible by being both the big winner of the Republican primary, and the biggest loser.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, took almost 100,000 votes in yesterday's primary election, continuing to show his strength. "None of these candidates" did place second, above Marianne Williamson, but even she did better than Dean Phillips, who wasn't even on the ballot.

Hayley's big loss, however, doesn't even mean anything, because she was going to be a loser no matter what. Why? Well, because Trump wasn't in the race, and all the delegates will be handed out tomorrow during the Republican caucus. She's out here pulling a Dom, saying that the Republican Party is in disarray!

And speaking of Republican disarray, the House had one hell of a 24 hours. Failing to pass the border bill! Failing to pass aid for Israel and Ukraine! Failing to fraudulently impeach Mayorkas! Don't blame the leadership though, it can't possibly be there fault! How can they control who shows up to vote!

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